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  • Blog posts should be about 1,500 words in length.
  • They must focus on giving advice to small business owners who are looking to create their own marketing content. They should be answering specific questions. Examples would be ‘how to better service pages’ or ‘how do i create an infographic for my business’.
  • We’re also looking for helpful posts aimed at freelancers who are working from home. Examples would be ‘how to find new customers’ and ‘how to set up your home office’.
  • You can include a bio and link to your site but you cannot include links in the main copy.
  • Links within the main copy should be to reputable sites with reasonably high value.
  • Style should be easy to read with short sentences and paragraphs. Humour is okay and repetition should be avoided. Try to include at least some bullet points in the text along with H2 headings.